Corona PhishingAs more workers than ever set up home offices, businesses are tasked with ensuring all their employees have the necessities to complete their work in a productive and secure setting.

This checklist serves as basic guideline of what is required to keep the wheels turning for remote workers.

Secure Workspace

  • Ability to lock laptop and any business-relevant information when not in use
  • Safely hold conversations without visitors eavesdropping or shoulder surfing

Wireless Security

  • Change default Wifi Router passwords
  • Enable WPA-2 or higher encryption
  • Strong WEP password at minimum
  • Ensure your local router firmware is updated

Personal Device Security

  • Updated IOT Device firmware (Smart Thermostats, Surveillance cameras, etc)
  • Ensure default passwords are changed
  • Update software on all devices within your home network (Corporate laptop, IOT devices such as cameras and Smart Thermostats, personal laptops/tablets, etc)

Review Corporate Policies and Procedures

  • Make sure all employees understand corporate policies and procedures
  • Review your Incident Response procedure with all relevant parties
  • Use one of the available tech solutions to help ensure compliance

Limit Social Media Use

  • Don’t reveal business itineraries, corporate info, daily routines, etc
  • Deploy technology that limits use if necessary

Laptops / Home Computers

  • Do not share your corporate laptop for use with family or friends
  • All corporate activities must be performed on the device provided by the organization

Collaboration Software

  • Do you have enough licenses to have employees access Office 365 Online?
  • Deploy MFA to ensure secure access
  • Be sure you are backing up O365 properly in case of a cybersecurity or data loss event

Very Important!!!! Be on the lookout for an increase in phishing campaigns. Cyber theft continue to grow at an alarming rate, and the best defense is simply employee vigilance. Remind employees to be EXTRA CAREFUL about clicking on links to alerts, articles, etc.

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