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What is the Difference Between Colocation and Cloud Hosting

Colocation vs. Cloud Hosting Think of colocation as high-tech real estate, an outsourced data center space, where you can operate your company-owned software and hardware — hardened data center buildings, power redundancy, cooling redundancy, physical security, fire suppression, and access to telecommunications carriers are part of the real estate. With cloud hosting, you rent the…

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Data Center Migration: Choosing Between Public and Private Clouds

Though most IT decision makers seem to understand the overall benefits delivered by the cloud, the debate between deploying a public, private or hybrid cloud continues to be a source of confusion for many executives. 

In order to make a well-informed decision on which type of cloud to implement, it helps to understand the differences…

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File Sync and Share for SMBs: Public, On-premsis, Hybrid Options

Interest in cloud-based file sharing through cloud apps like Anchor and Box is booming. The primary driver behind this rise in adoption is mobile devices. The old way of file sharing doesn’t work for today’s mobile workforce. BYOD policies and an increasingly mobile workforce are putting new pressures on IT and changing the requirements for…

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ACE IT Solutions Featured in HFMWeek’s “How to Start a Hedge Fund in the U.S”

According to the editors at HFMWeek, “Finding a skilled technology provider that is able to grow with the business can make all the difference” in the success of a start-up hedge funds. When the publication started putting together a Special Report on  “How to Start a Hedge Fund in The US 2013”, they called on…

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