Though Hurricane Irene wasn’t as big of a disaster as expected, many businesses throughout New Jersey and New York were affected and are still dealing with power outages and flooding due to the tropical storm.

Feeling like your business dodged a bullet? The recent hurricane and earthquake should serve as a reminder that businesses can never be too prepared for a disruption. All businesses should have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place that details exactly how the business will deal with disaster when it strikes.

The next natural disaster may not be so sparing, don’t wait until for another serious event to put a disaster recovery plan into place.  Here are a few reminders about how to prepare your business for a potential disaster:

  • Establish a business continuity plan – Work with your IT partner to develop a disaster recovery plan that best suits your business’ needs. A skilled technical partner will be able to help put a plan into place that will allow your business to continue to function when other businesses cannot.
  • Back up your data off-site – Hardware damaged by a flood can be replaced, lost data can never be replaced. Be sure that data is stored in an off-site location, preferably somewhere that is secure from flood, fire, etc. Your IT partner will be able to help you determine the best backup strategy for your business and budget.
  • Determine remote capabilities – How will your business function if your building is damaged or uninhabitable – or if your building loses power? Are you set up to allow employees to work from home? How will employees access email or other essential systems securely?
  • Establish communications procedures – How will you notify employees? Do employees know how to remotely access your system? Does everyone completely understand their role for transitioning back to normal?
  • Make sure you system is being monitored remotelyRemote monitoring of your servers/network 24×7 helps prevent minor issues from becoming major interruptions. Continual monitoring of your network ensures all critical functions are working properly before, during and after the storm. In the event an issues is discovered, your technical partner will take immediate steps to mitigate the problem and minimize downtime. Then you can focus your time and energy on other aspects of recovery.

How did your business weather the storm?

It should not take a disaster to compel your business to evaluate its business continuity and response strategy.  One should be in place long before disaster strikes.

Without a plan, you will spend the entire time chasing the incident instead of recovering from it. Contact ACE IT Solutions today to discuss how we can implement a cost-effective off-site backup and disaster recovery plan customized for your business.

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