A Goldman Sachs survey of technology executives at large companies last month showed that Microsoft Azure Cloud Services continue to be the most popular supplier of web services, edging out Amazon Web Services.

Goldman Sachs based its latest findings on an information-technology spending survey of 100 IT executives at Global 2000 companies. It performs the survey each June and December. Additionally, a higher percentage of respondents expect their companies to be using Azure more than any other cloud in three years, the analysts wrote. The results lead the analysts to conclude that about 23% of IT workloads are now on public clouds, up from 19% in June, and they expect the percentage to reach 43% in three years.

“We are seeing a high-rate of successful adoptions of the Microsoft Azure cloud with our clients, particularly those in the financial industry who are dealing with strict compliance regulations,” said Warren Finkel, Managing Partner of ACE IT Solutions. “We’ve seen such interest in Azure that we have been holding regular educational events, lunch and learns and webinars, to help businesses understand the benefits and the migration process.”

Microsoft Azure is a cost-effective and secure cloud platform that provides seamless access to your data, applications and infrastructure

By leveraging the benefits of the Azure Cloud, small and mid-size businesses are able to do more with less and get built-in disaster recovery and anytime, anywhere access to data. ACE IT Solutions works closely with our clients to create a customized Azure cloud infrastructure that meets their needs and budgets.

Start moving your data, applications and infrastructure today. By securing the expertise of a Microsoft partner like ACE IT Solutions, organizations can minimize production downtime during migration with zero application-data loss. Contact ACE IT Solutions at 646-558-5575 to learn more.

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