Nearly half of small businesses say they don’t believe cloud computing will reduce their IT costs, a recent survey by Newtek Business Services found.  Of the 1,000 small businesses surveyed, 48% do not believe that cloud computing can yield cost savings benefits. Twenty percent believe that cloud computing can reduce their operating costs, while 32% remain uncertain.

The number of small business owners who are still unsure about cloud computing points to a need for more education of business owners regarding the obvious benefits of cloud computing. This information gap falls on the shoulders IT solutions providers. IT providers just aren’t doing a good enough job of helping SMBs understand cloud technology.

When it comes to applications that SMB are using, survey respondents said that email was most important to their business (43%), followed by ecommerce applications (26%), sales generation software, CRM and database management, (17%), and storage and backup, (14%). All of these applications have viable, proven and secure cloud offering that could save the SMB substantial costs.

It is up to IT providers to make sure their clients have all the information they need to make an informed choice about cloud computing and its benefits. It is the SMBs who have knowledge of this transformative technology that will have a competitive advantage.
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