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business manACE IT Solutions advisory services are designed to help our clients address the complex issues involved in maintaining a successful company and staying competitive in today’s business environment.

Working collaboratively with our clients, our business consultants will develop focused and appropriate technology strategies for your unique business that address your business’ challenges and help you stay on track as you move forward.

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Business consulting services that we offer include:

Process flow mapping


It is imperative that your business processes are optimized to assure success. The goal of process flow mapping is to help you understand how your processes work, what data must be captured, and how various systems interact with one another.  Development or selection of new processes without performing this critical step may result in lost revenues and delays as key process requirements may be overlooked or ignored.

Strategic and operational planning

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We will help you create the overall vision for your company by addressing the following categories: customers, services, professional organization, facilities, productivity, standards, partnerships, communication, education and new business opportunities. We will deliver an internal assessment of trends and competitive forces that impact your customers’ needs and growth, and a tactical and operational action plan with timetables and accountabilities that will allow for the implementation of the strategy.

Development of steering mechanisms

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To assess the effectiveness of any business strategy, it is imperative that key performance indicators be put into place. Together, we will identify these key performance indicators and develop a plan to implement them throughout your organization.

Compensation planning and development

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An effective compensation plan motivates and rewards employees for forwarding the corporate strategy. It also plays a critical role in attracting and retaining key staff. We will assess your current compensation plan and, taking into account your corporate strategy and operational plan, put into place the proper compensation and assessment program that will motivate and drive your entire organization to actualize success.

Development of a structured project management program

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We will review, recommend, and institute a disciplined and measurable project management program so you can maximize the value you provide to clients when you perform customized services.

Creating the customer experience

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Your customer is your greatest asset. In order to build a stronger bond with your customer, you need to understand your business from their perspective. We will help you understand your relationship with your customer so you can create an exceptional customer experience that furthers your business’ brand. This service determines the events, context, individual involvement and personal meaning required to create an exceptional customer experience.

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