IBM defense in depthSony’s CEO is facing widespread scrutiny about his judgment in the wake of the cyber attack that has paralyzed the entertainment company and exposed it to embarrassment and untold millions in damage. Much of the criticism focuses on the CEO not taking steps to properly secure the company’s computer network.

In fact, cyber security experts are saying that the Sony hack was not all that sophisticated. Cyber security experts familiar with the Sony hack say that not only did Sony fail to properly protect its network by using best cyber security practices, they attack went undetected for possibly months.

The fallout from the cyber attack could be enormous as the details are scrutinized by stakeholders. Already, some Sony employees have filed suit against the company for failing to protect their private information. The liability goes beyond the high cost of mopping up the company’s cyber-security and dealing with litigation. The studio also appears to be at least partly hobbled with respect to the business of making movies.

Big corporations are not the only businesses getting hacked. SMBs are not immune to cyber attacks and CEOs that fail to properly secure their information technology infrastructure will surely face the same type of scrutiny from clients, stockholders and the public.

Emergency response service (ERS), delivered by ACE IT Solutions, help organizations prepare for and respond to security breaches more effectively. There is a very good chance that you have probably already been hacked and don’t know it — most businesses don’t realize they’ve been hacked until they find out from a third party. This also means that most businesses have no plan for taking care of that hacker looming on their network.

ACE IT Solutions works with businesses of all sizes to deploy secure and reliable technology solutions that meet their budget requirements while enabling them to streamline business processes, deliver value to clients, manage security risk, meet compliance initiatives and maintain a competitive edge. In partnership with the security experts at IBM X-force, the authority in vulnerability and threat research, ACE IT Solutions can help prioritize the discovered risks, determine the steps required to improve security and deploy them in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Services can be tailored to meet the needs of even the smallest organization and can be scaled up as the company grows.

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