Businesses of all types and sizes are turning to the cloud to attain cost-savings and achieve better collaboration; however, business owners and CEOs are still a little hazy about cloud security and the best way to address it.

An important point to remember is that once you select a cloud provider, the security of your data becomes intermarried with the cloud provider’s security policies. It is essential that you understand which security safeguards you are responsible for and which safeguards the cloud provider covers. When you leave the security of your data up to someone else, be sure there is a way of measuring the security performance of that environment.

Questions to ask when vetting a cloud services provider:

  • How do you prevent loss of data in transit?
  • How do you authenticate users’ identities?
  • What encryption standards are in place and how widely are they used by your company?
  • Do your security practices follow ISO 20000 mandates?
  • What type of security audit to you adhere to?
  • Do the cloud providers security standards meet the regulations your business must comply with?

Many businesses are turning to outside consultants to vet cloud providers and shape cloud contracts. Cloud IT consultants do their research to fully understand SLAs, offer guidance and can perform a risk assessment based on the data security level your business requires.

If cost becomes an issue you may get to a point where “secure enough” meets your standards for data protection, and that may be fine for many businesses who don’t have to deal with compliance regulations.

ACE IT Solutions has relationships with several highly-regarded cloud providers and can help your business select the cloud services and level of security that is best for your needs and budget. We have experience vetting cloud providers and can guide you though the process.  Contact ACE IT Solutions at 908-704-0400.

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