Small businesses cannot afford a data breach. Period.

Small businesses owners usually have their hands full with administrative, sales and productivity tasks. We understand that. We have also seen first hand the value of investing some time and money into protecting sensitive business data now, which costs much less than trying to recover from a data breach. Think of it as preventative medicine.

As trusted IT advisers to a variety of small businesses, we advise clients to protect important business data with these 10 steps.

  1. Determine your risk tolerance to data loss
  2. Prioritize your data to determine which data gets recovered first in the event of critical data loss
  3. Find an offsite backup solution that meets your budget requirements
  4. Make sure your data is recoverable
  5. Disaster-proof your data from fires, floods, etc.
  6. Ensure your data backups are secure and compliant with end-to-end encryption and certified data centers
  7. Backup applications in real time
  8. Protect mobile devices, particularly those that contain sensitive data and applications
  9. Consider the cloud as a cost-effective solution for secure data backup and storage
  10. Evaluate a variety vendors to find the best match for your needs

ACE IT Solutions has the expertise to deploy reliable data protection, backup, storage and recovery systems. Drawing on the innovative technological solutions provided by our technology partners, we will develop a cost-effective system that ensures maximum protection so you never have to worry about the security of your businesses’ critical data.

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