With gas prices soaring toward $4 per gallon in the wake of the earthquake and nuclear crisis in Japan, American businesses are seeking ways to cut their energy costs. High gas prices affect more than just costs at the pump, any industry that involves transportation — this includes anyone who drives to work or for work — will feel the impact.

Technology often offers creative ways to save energy as high gas prices cut a bigger chunk out of the bottom line. Here are a few technology-based energy saving tips that will lessen the impact of rising energy costs on your business.

Smart Phone Apps
Find the cheapest gas prices in a hurry. Gas buddy is a free smartphone app that will show you the cheapest gas prices wherever you are. Mapquest also offers a cheap gas finder that can be accessed via smartphone app or internet browser. Simply enter your ZIP code and Mapquest will map out the gas stations with the lowest gas prices.

Desktop virtualization (VDI) can help organizations satisfy users’ needs for mobility and flexibility while relieving pressure on their IT provider to manage cost, security and compliance. With VDI, employees can securely access their work data from anywhere — including from home or a remote office — saving big-time on transportation costs.  Since VDI makes use of “thin clients devices” such as smartphones, iPads, and laptops,  businesses realize cost savings related to energy consumption and hardware maintenance. Virtualization also makes it easy for businesses to deploy cheap-gas finding apps to all employees’ devices in a snap.

Cloud Computing
During challenging economic times more businesses are turning to cost-effective IT solutions to expand the functionality and capabilities of their existing network infrastructure. The Cloud is proving itself as a powerful computing model that provides cost-savings benefits and increased agility, flexibility, and uptime. With cloud computing, businesses do not host equipment internally, saving significantly on energy costs. Energy consumption is also reduced because third-party data centers are designed for energy efficiency. By migrating to the cloud, businesses can save money on infrastructure costs and increase productivity though the ability to access their important data at anytime, from anywhere, allowing employees to save gas by working from a remote location.

ACE IT Solutions can deliver best-of-breed technology-based energy saving solutions that are secure, cost-effective and flexible enough to meet the specific needs of any business. Contact us to learn more.

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