Today’s global marketplace creates 24×7 expectations within the minds of many consumers and pushes business into extended hours of operations well beyond the “9 to 5” schedule of the past. This means the cost of network downtime has never been higher. For this reason, it is essential that businesses take the appropriate steps to ensure that planned downtime is used effectively.

Disruptions to your technology infrastructure, whether planned or unplanned, can create havoc if not well managed. Sometimes, however, downtime due to regular maintenance is unavoidable. Whether introducing a necessary security update, installing new software, or replacing component hardware, there are times when a server requires a full restart.

Protecting a business against unplanned downtime makes good business sense, but equally important is implementing processes that reduce the time spent in planned downtime. To reduce disruptions to your technology network, make sure your IT provider is using technology that enables your business to minimize planned downtime. They should also follow best practices of scheduling proactive maintenance during  weekends for minimal disruption.

ACE IT Solutions employes faster and safer technology efficiencies that reduces the time of data recovery and server synchronization from hours and days to as little as minutes or seconds to maintain maximum availability. The same technology notably reduces the complexity and amount of time spent performing regular planned maintenance activities.

Businesses can take advantage of technology to realize a direct reduction in the cost of planned maintenance, while at the same time enabling a rock-solid high availability and disaster recovery plan. To increase protection from downtime and vulnerabilities, ACE IT Solutions offers technology that boosts server, application and data protection. Better performance and uptime means increased productivity. Contact us at 646-558-5565 for details.

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