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ACE IT Solutions provides public cloud hosting solutions to businesses and clients who are searching for deep values in terms of time, money, and overall efficiency.

Hundreds of organizations are now entrusting their IT strategies and applications to ACE IT Solutions due to its ability to provide scalable platforms, on-demand resources, and flexible payment models.

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Why You Should Invest Your Business in Us?

We don't believe that there's a one-size-fits-all solution that's why we offer custom-tailored cloud solutions to our clients to ensure that every need and requirement will be address and fixed accordingly.

We can easily migrate and integrate the biggest public cloud infrastructures with compliance, resilience, and security to get more value out of your most preserved data.

ACE IT Solutions has a team of certified cloud engineers and architects who are experts in planning, building, migrating, and operating cloud solutions like Microsoft 365, Teams, Azure, AWS, and Virtual Data Rooms such as SharePoint.

Virtual Data Room and SharePoint

VDR or also known as Virtual Data Room is an alternative to the traditional physical data rooms. Most businesses are now adopting this innovation as it provides more security and accessibility to its users.

For businesses that are handling highly-sensitive data and information, VDR is the perfect option and place to be particularly for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) to simplify the sharing, distribution, and handling of important business documents.

Here at ACE IT Solutions, we utilize Microsoft SharePoint as a VDR since it has the ability to meet the three important pillars when creating a perfectly secure VDR for businesses and clients.


  • Create and divide collections per project
  • Client configuration for ease management and security permission
  • Activation/deactivation of external sharing when needed
  • Grant access request for certain content as an added security to stored information
  • Utilization of Azure B2B for increased authentication and management of guest users


  • Utilization of best-in-class class encryption for transit protection
  • Sharing settings available (anyone, new and existing guests, only people in your organization)
  • Power to control external sharing


  • History of logins
  • Measure frequency of logins
  • Save and record viewers of files
  • Report creation on SharePoint site
  • Review file activities

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