Private Cloud Hosting

Get the flexibility and cost control you want with the security and performance your business demands.

By providing cloud-based resources that are tailored to the needs of your business, a TierPoint Hosted Private Cloud allows you to strengthen IT capabilities without adding complexity or the need to invest in internal resources. Learn more about ACE IT Solutions' private cloud solutions powered by TierPoint.

While public cloud services like Azure are an ideal fit for many businesses, sometimes firms it makes more sense to invest in private cloud hosting, especially if you are working in a field that handles confidential and highly sensitive data like financial services, health care or retail.

Perfect for mission-critical applications as well as those with the highest performance, security and compliance requirements. A hosted private cloud offers physically isolated, dedicated resources for compute, memory and storage, leveraging best-in-class technology options.

ACE IT Solutions partners with TierPoint's Hosted Private Cloud to provide a secure and compliant private cloud. TierPoint's Private Cloud infrastructure eliminates the need to invest in costly resources and allows your team to ramp up quickly, without compromising the efficiency of operations, data integrity and overall performance.

Leverage the Right Cloud Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs

No massive adjustments are needed to maximize cost and time savings. With the level of customization that our private cloud platform can provide to businesses, your technology will synchronize smoothly without severe complexity and utilization of expensive resources.

What Sets Us Apart?

We can help you choose the cloud platform that best meets your application reliability and performance requirements.When you choose to host your cloud in one of Tierpoint's data centers, we offer a 99.99% uptime SLA and a highly scalable enterprise-level platform

Tierpoint's private cloud provides dedicated server hosting, memory, and storage that's empowered with total isolation for a high degree of control and safety while keeping your data's performance with 100% compliance and integrity.

With one of the largest and most geographically diversified footprints in the nation, we deliver secure, reliable, and connected infrastructure solutions. Tierpoint's geographically diverse data centers provide the assurance that any local setback will not create an impact on the overall performance of your framework, but rather, uphold your disaster recovery efforts while providing accelerated restoration. You get more access to different locations whether it is for primary use or backup operational purposes.

Our cloud solutions help you control CapEx by eliminating the cost of building and maintaining your own facility. Regardless of the cloud platforms you choose, we can help you reduce daily operating expenses and better utilize internal resources with our managed services offerings, including Managed Azure, Managed SQL, Managed Office 365, Help Desk Services and more.

Data Center Compliance and Complete Security

ACE IT Solutions' data center partner, TierPoint, is compliant to ensure that your confidentiality, security, and integrity of your sensitive data will be maintained and controlled. Thus, the standard regulations, certifications, and implementation from SSAE 18 SOC 2, HIPAA and PCI DSS v3.2 allows our solutions to become more precise, up to date, and efficient to go above and beyond the required business-standard.

With compliance and security, you can expect that all of our staff are experts in their fields and will be available 24/7 to assist you with all your needs.

Comprehensive Set of Managed Services

Aside from private cloud hosting, ACE IT Solutions also offers a comprehensive set of managed services to help our clients streamline their IT strategy and processing and to minimize cost while improving the use of supported resources.

Virtual Servers

Highly secured and dedicated servers that have the capacity to be connected independently or with your own network framework through our private interconnects.

Backup Services

Automatic backups for laptops, desktops, and server data from your entire organization. Get real-time disaster recovery replication and regular data backups that are stored in a safe remote location.

Security Solutions include the management of firewalls, DDoS mitigation, and advanced intrusion prevention to keep your business safe from all possible threats and malicious viruses that will create a big complexity to data and security privacy.

With ACE IT Solutions, you can…

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    Reduce the overall costs associated with your IT strategy and technology such as but not limited to administration, hardware, maintenance, operation, and upkeep costs

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    Receive stronger business continuity

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    Access 24/7 help desk support

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    Minimize downtime

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    Easily integrate the IT process and strategy into business

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    Simplify infrastructure management and security

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    Refine the resource utilization

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    Fasten the provisioning

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    Easily process upgrades and refreshes

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    Access the overall system with ease

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    Cut down energy consumption

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    Get Certified Tier II and III facilities

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    Smoothly do replication across geographically diverse data centers for more successful disaster recovery

The private cloud hosting of ACE IT Solutions is utilizing a hyper-converged framework that aims to simplify the operations and combinations of data centers while reducing the costs and intricacy of the usage of storage and compute.

ACE IT Solutions, the Perfect Cloud Suited to Your Business

Learn how ACE IT Solutions can help you and your business to take full control of your overall technology costs and make your business on top of the competition. Call (646) 558-5575 to get started today.