We want to personally extend an invitation to an important virtual conference that ACE IT Solutions is proud to participate in as a panelist alongside other premier financial services, insurance, and technology professionals, called OPTIMIZE!2020 E-Sign & E-Security.

This FREE virtual half day conference on October 1st is focused on technology that is used to optimize operations in financial services and insurance companies, and financial functions of a variety of companies including government regulators. “Optimize” means tips on how to use the best in e-sign and e-security, considering today’s need for feature-rich and more affordability.

This is a unique virtual conference – the format is fast-paced rapid panel sessions with dozens of industry operators sharing their insights into how they have optimized financial functions considering e-sign, e-security, affordability and automation needs.

Panelists include:

  • 12 companies in a variety of industries and finance operations areas plan to share their insights. These include a mix of banks, credit unions, factors/lenders/investors, receivables and collections management in companies as diverse from billing companies to auto dealers to self-storage property managers; and a federal financial regulator discussing their tech essentials use scenarios.
  • 14 insurance companies providing their tips and insights into how they have optimized e-sign and e-security, considering the need for feature-rich and more affordability to permit wide use across their organizations.
  • Industry coalitions and business management platforms are also participating, to provide their insights, a collection of tips that their members and customers have employed to optimize financial services and insurance operations, considering today’s business environment.

The conference includes some of the highest rated elements – an innovative virtual conference center and format that maintains the feel of a live conference (yes, this is 100% live to foster better interaction), the rapidly-paced sessions to provide a plethora of insights from a diverse group of industry operators and keynote experts in a half-day format, and our virtual (BYOB) cocktail receptions with Vegas-style cash giveaways to cap off the day.

We trust you will find this free, uniquely formatted virtual event essential for your team — and look forward to seeing you on October 1st.

Make sure to register for OPTIMIZE!2020 E-Sign & E-Security here.

We hope you can join.

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