ACE IT Solutions hedge fund technology providerA shutdown in trading at one the world’s most famous exchanges raised the tension in financial markets Wednesday and raised questions about the organization’s technology.

Not only was the “glitch” an embarrassment for the NYSE — when trading halted at NYSE, buying and selling quickly moved onto rival exchanges. Government officials said it did not appear that the technical troubles were due to hacking or sabotage, but there is much speculation as to how this could happen to a major institution.

Regardless of the cause of the technology disruption, the principles of protecting your network from hackers or “glitches” are the same:

  1. Real time backup to an off-site location
  2. Redundant systems for reliable, fault-tolerant failover
  3. Have a disaster recovery & business continuity plan and test it regularly
  4. Train employees in cyber security best practices and safe Internet use
  5. Understand the gaps in your security and failover systems

Could your business survive an unexpected technology “glitch”?
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