Mobile devices are essential to staying productive in today’s business environment, but businesses continue to struggle when putting together a strategy on securely managing employees’ mobile devices.

Use these best practices for mobile device management as a starting point:

  • Be realistic,  employees are going to use their mobile devices for work. So it is best to be prepared and to provide support for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.
  • Develop a fair and clear mobile device policy in line with your company’s overall corporate policy.
  • Limit usage to certified and approved applications and consider a policy for certifying apps for use on corporate mobile devices.
  • Backup and recovery applies to mobile devices just as it does to the rest of your technology — it is essential. Make sure you use encrypted backup.
  • Use a reporting and inventory tool to keep tabs on how mobile devices are being used and by whom. You don’t want ex-employees walking around with corporate mobile devices.
  • Employee basic security measures including strong passwords, enable local encryption and configure remote wipe capabilities in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen.
  • Plan for centralized control by adopting a mobile device platform that can manage PCs and Macs as well as mobile devices. Cloud-based mobile device management services can be a cost-effective way to support the variety of devices in your business.
  • Closely track and monitor network usage to get a handle mobile data and phone costs and research new mobile data and voice pricing plans on a regular basis.

There are a variety of automated mobile device management solutions available for companies who don’t want to develop their own mobile device management platform. Regardless of whether you use a third-party mobile device management solution or need a simpler solution, ACE IT Solutions can help your business develop a mobile device management system that meets your goals and budget. We have a thorough understanding of the latest in mobile technology and the expertise to put those systems into place.

ACE IT Solutions will help you navigate the myriad of mobile device management solutions, make a plan that meets your specific needs, and deploy the solution in a consistent, secure, cost-effective manner.



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