Information technology is an integral part of every business. But is it cost effective for your business to staff an in-house IT department? Or have you been trying to manage your technology on your own? SMBs have enough on their plates without having to deal with the stress of managing their technology.

Managed IT Services provide a cost-effective solution to one of the biggest pain-points SMBs face — managing their technology.  Think of managed services as an insurance plan for your IT environment. Your IT environment is a big investment and it is essential that your network’s performance is optimized to ensure productivity and success.  Even minor disruptions to your network can cause disruption to your business, losses in production and sales, and additional stress to your employees and executives.

Studies have shown that there are significant financial benefits to managed services.  In fact, a study by Cisco claims that managed IT services can result in a cost savings of 60 percent, or more in some cases.

Does your business need managed services?

  • Have you been hit with unexpected IT expenses?
  • Is your IT team struggling to keep up with daily maintenance tasks?
  • Is your IT team spending their valuable time putting out fires, rather than developing strategic initiatives?
  • Do errors occur that you didn’t expect or anticipate?
  • Do you have a strong overview of your network’s performance?
  • Would unexpected downtime disrupt your business?
  • Do you need 24×7 coverage?

Benefits of Managed Services
With a managed services agreement, your business receives all the benefits, availability of services, and responsiveness of in-house IT, without the costs associated with staffing a full-time IT department.

  • Automate network management and oversight
  • Control your IT expenses
  • Identify and troubleshoot minor issues before they become major ones
  • Rapid respond to problems, reducing downtime
  • Ensured security and compliance with regular system and software upgrades
  • Keep mission-critical assets running at peak performance
  • 24×7 unlimited Help Desk access and emergency onsite support when needed
  • Email security and virus protection to protect your servers from counterproductive SPAM and mail-borne viruses

Customized IT Solutions
ACE IT Solutions delivers customized managed service agreements to suit the specific needs of our clients. Our comprehensive managed services plans offer the peace of mind of knowing that your network is being monitored 24×7, that issues will be identified and remediated before they become major problems, and that we are there for you anytime problems may arise, no matter how big or small.

ACE IT Solutions’ managed services are designed to help control your IT expenses, improve network performance, and reduce downtime. As your IT partner, your IT becomes our responsibility and we put our technical knowledge, experience, range of services, and commitment to customer service toward making your business stronger.

Want more information on how managed services can make your business more productive? Contact ACE IT Solutions today.

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