Selecting a managed hosting provider is about more than just going with the lowest bid. Here are a few points to consider when selecting a managed hosting/data center provider:

Data Center Reliability
The data center facility is the foundation of your hosting service. A well-maintained facility can operate to achieve 99.99% availability. Redundancies must be in place to achieve maximum up-time.

IP Service
Your provider should employ technologies such as Intelligent Route Control, WAN acceleration or TCP acceleration to help boost internet performance and speed application and website delivery. Also ask if your provider is “carrier neutral,” which means they work with several carriers in the even that one goes down. This is an essential part of disaster recovery and business continuity.

Your hosting provider/data center should have security staff on-site 24×7 and have other physical security measures in place to protect the facility (and your data). Only your provider should have physical access to your equipment and all access should be logged. All equipment access should follow security protocols such as direct connections are less secure. Ask the provider about the facilities password protocols, how often they are changed and who has access. Request  a copy of a third-party security audit report.

Hardware Quality
It is important that the facilities equipment is reasonably-new, name-brand hardware that is supported by the manufacturer.

Ask exactly what the hosting provider will monitor. Monitoring should include CPU usage, memory and disk space as well as log files, processes running and ports responding at a minimum. Additionally, historical data trends help determine the healthy of your environment overtime and predict growth.

Technical Support
Support centers should be staffed around the clock. Support technicians should be available by email and phone 24×7. Ask your provider how help tickets are handled and contact references who can attest to the support staff’s response.

The lowest-cost option won’t always the best for your business. Understand the trade-offs you are making when trying to cut costs. Lack of support, slow response time, insufficient space and products and/or unreliable and improperly secured data center facilities can end up costing you more in the long run. Also, don’t be caught off guard by data center providers who quote you a low initial rate, then end up charging you for non-covered items. Make sure you understand all the details included as part of the solution package.

As the adage goes, “you get what you pay for.” Do your due diligence to ensure you really are getting the best value, quality and performance.

Choosing the best data center provider involves a combination of features and a price that meets your budget. ACE IT Solutions has relationships with the most reliable data center providers in the industry and can help find a data center solution that meets your company’s needs and budget. Contact us at 646-585-5575.

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