ACE IT Solutions teamed up with cybersecurity experts from Sophos and Sovereign Intelligence for an impactful lesson on Dark Web Threats and Opportunities for the Financial Executives Alliance (FEA).

Held at Ocean Prime in New York City, on Wednesday, October, 25, participants from New York-based financial firms learned about:

  • The current ransomware threat landscape and tactics for protecting their sensitive transactional data.
  • How bad actors operate in dark web marketplaces and forums
  • The type of information being shared on the dark web
  • Monitoring the dark web as a source for market signals
  • Why monitoring the dark web is like a weather forecast about threats to companies
  • How ransomware attacks happen and why they are so successful
  • How to extend the reach of your current cybersecurity services
  • 9 best security practices to apply now
  • If you are intersted in learning more about how the Dark Web affects your firm, contact ACE IT Solutions for more details.

If you interested in learning about how the Dark Web affects your firm, contact ACE IT Solutions for more information.

About the FEA

The Financial Executive’s Alliance (FEA) is a national affinity group administered by First Republic Bank with local networks in New York, Boston, Northern California, Southern California, Southern Connecticut, and Chicago.

The networking group is intended for the financial decision maker of a Venture Capital, Private Equity, Real Estate PE and Hedge Fund firm and meets regularly to discuss industry related issues and connect peers to discuss best practices.


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