Cybersecurity experts are still investigating the Colonial Pipeline hack. It’s likely that a compromised password allowed the attackers into the affected network. There are several ways this could have happened: a successful phishing attempt, poor password management, un-patched systems. Regardless, Colonial Pipeline ended up paying roughly $5 million in ransom to the hacking group DarkSide to recover their stolen data.

Businesses must adapt their cybersecurity strategies with the time. As hackers’ strategies are always evolving, your security needs to evolve as well.

Here are 5 steps to better security

  1. Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
    Multifactor authentication adds a layer of protection to the sign-in process. When accessing accounts or apps, users provide additional identity verification, such as scanning a fingerprint or entering a code received by phone.
  2. Cybersecurity awareness training
    Your employees are one of the weakest links in your cybersecurity chain. Employees need continuous training with simulated phishing attacks in order to help them recognize, report and block attempted phishing attacks.
  3. Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
    Advanced EDR tools are extremely effective at preventing and responding to ransomware and other malware attacks by providing greater endpoint visibility. EDR helps businesses detect and respond to cyber threats and exploits faster.
  4. Regular patching and updates
    If you aren’t keeping up with patching and update management, then you are holding the door wide open for hackers. Your MSP should be taking care of this for you — making sure your systems are always current and protected.
  5. Backup and recovery
    Despite your best efforts, and even with the most advanced protection in place, it is still possible that you might get hacked. Should the worst occur and you find yourself locked out of your data, having a backup and recovery solution in place that can quickly get you back up and running is paramount.

ACE IT Solutions uses Datto’s total data protection solutions to take snapshot-based, incremental backups as frequently as every five minutes to create a series of recovery points. If your business suffers a ransomware attack, this technology allows you to roll-back your data to a point-in-time before the corruption occurred. No need to pay a ransom to hackers who may or may not provide the key to getting your data back. Additionally, since you are restoring to a point-in-time before the ransomware infected your systems, you can be certain everything is clean and the malware can not be triggered again.

Contact ACE IT Solutions at 646.558.6358 to schedule a complimentary cybersecurity assessment. We will assess your systems to discover gaps in your cybersecurity program, to ensure you can prevent and recover quickly from disruptions — including ransomware.

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