A reputable IT provider understands the legal issues and follows best practices to mitigate the legal risks associated with cloud computing. Businesses planning a move to the cloud should be sure to work with a technology partner that has taken steps to address the following legal issues associated with the cloud.

Data Privacy
There are dozens of state and federal laws governing the safeguarding of private information. To avoid touchy legals issues, look for a cloud data backup solution that encrypts sensitive data while transmitting it as well as while it is stored at rest in a data center.

Data Breach Notification
All but four states have laws requiring companies to notify people that their personal data was potentially breached. In this case, it is essential to work with your IT partner to pass along this information promptly.

 E-Discovery and Compliance
The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require litigants to include electronically-stored information when responding to discovery requests. This generally includes information stored in the cloud. Work with a cloud provider that can help your business become compliant with these federal regulations by offering searchable cloud data storage and email.

Service Level Agreements
A cloud SLA should include specific guarantees regarding availability, security and support. SLAs should also clearly spell out remedies if the SLA is not met. A termination clause should be included in the SLA that specifies the terms under which the cloud provider and the customer can terminate the contract and how termination will impact the client’s data.

Due Diligence
Your IT partner should closely vet a potential cloud vendor’s security practices to ensure that the cloud solution incorporates advanced security technologies such as 256-bit AES encryption and have either a SAS 70 or ISO/IEC 27000 series security certification.

Regular Data Checks
Your IT partner should employ best practices to check backed-up data periodically for completeness and integrity in order to protect your business from accusations of negligence.

Legal Jurisdiction
Avoid overseas legal entanglements by working with a domestic cloud vendor and an IT partner who has a handle on the legal issues associated with cloud solutions in the United States.

ACE IT Solutions closely vets all our cloud partners to be sure they are legally compliant with federal and state regulations. We have a variety of cloud solutions available to meet our clients’ needs and budget requirements.

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