Breaking news from CNN about the Obamacare website,, highlights the importance of thoroughly testing a new websites / new technology before it goes live.

According to CNN: “An internal government memo obtained by CNN and written just days before the start of open enrollment for Obamacare warned of a  “high” security risk because of a lack of testing of the website.”

All businesses should take this as a reminder of the security risks involved with launching a new technology. Whether it is a new website launch, a hosting migration, new server install or new application launch, a methodological approach based on best practices must be taken to assure that the technology not only works properly, but is also secure. A key piece of this methodology is testing.

There is no excuse for not properly testing a technology before it is launched. A security breach not only puts the business’ proprietary data and users’ personal information at risk, it will also have a negative impact on the business’ reputation. The Obamacare website launch is a perfect example of how not following best practices and thoroughly testing a new technology can damage both the product and the organization’s reputation.

The confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data must be a priority for any new technology initiative. Data security best-practices must be factored into the design, implementation and testing process.

ACE IT Solutions understand the risks involved with launching a new technology. Our approach is based on years of experience. An essential component of our methodology is identifying the technical requirements and working through specific implementation details that will satisfy any security policy requirements and minimize security risks.

ACE IT Solutions technology and security experts help clients reduce and manage risks. We take every step to enable a new technology launch to succeed and contribute to the organization’s business objectives. Contact ACE IT Solutions at (646) 558-5575 or

Read the full story about CNN’s website security issue here.

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