cyber sec graphicIBM’s X-Force recently released their 2016 Cybersecurity Intelligence Index and it provides useful insight into the biggest threats businesses facing your business.

The report is an analysis of cyber attack and incident data from IBM’s worldwide security services operations and offers a high-level overview of the major threats to businesses worldwide over the past year, and is complemented by other threat intelligence and research publications from IBM X-Force. The purpose of the report is to help you better understand the current threat landscape by offering a detailed look at the volume of attacks, the industries most affected, the most prevalent types of attacks and attackers, and the key factors enabling them.

Key takeaways from this report:

  • The number of breaches in the financial services industry that involved extortion tactics or theft of currency rose by 80% in 2015.
  • Insiders are still a big problem: 60% (up from 55%) of attacks were initiated by insiders – many inadvertently.
  • When it comes to cyber security, every company needs a strategy, simply being compliant isn’t acceptable for a well-governed organization.

Business leaders need to stay aware of the latest security threats. Contact ACE IT Solutions for a free copy of the 2016 IBM Cybersecurity Intelligence Index


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