Deciding to outsource disaster recovery, then choosing the right vendor can seem overwhelming when you’ve got a business to run. Here are some ground-level tips you can start with. Once you have the basic disaster recovery plan framework in place, you can start considering pricing and building a plan that meets your exact needs and budget requirements.

Understand the big picture
This is where an outside disaster recovery consultant comes in useful — professional consultants understand the process and the real costs of downtime and can help you understand all the bits and pieces involved in developing a successful disaster recovery plan.

Determine who is responsible for executing the plan
It is sometimes difficult to determine exactly who will be around when disaster strikes; therefore it is essential that the plan be written in a way so that all individuals in the disaster recovery chain are able to test and execute the plan and recover the system, applications and data.  It is possible that you will rely on your IT partner to execute the plan. If that is the case, be sure requirements are spelled out clearly in the disaster recovery plan. This is something you don’t want falling through the cracks.

Determine technology requirements
Make sure that the systems you have on your local site can be adequately supported at the recovery site. Identify the highest-priority applications and determine what server and resources are required to run them.

Enlist an expert
Disaster recovery experts are just that — experts. They aren’t emotionally tied to the business, they’ve been through it before and they know what to expect and plan for, which means they will manage a greater level of success when it comes time to actually execute a disaster recovery plan.

Understand the SLA
Determine what level of service you really require and the processes in place to help meet that SLA. Understand what kind of guarantees come with that SLA and the repercussions if the SLA is not met.

Research where will your backup data and applications will be residing
Verify the security of the data center. Who is allowed access to the data center and how is access controlled? Also, ask about certifications. Your Disaster Recovery consultant can help you make sense of the certifications.


ACE IT Solutions‘ proven best-practice approach lowers program costs and speeds recovery time in the event of a disaster. Drawing on our expertise and technical knowledge, we will design and implement a plan customized for your business to ensure you have the tools in place to respond to a disaster with as little disruption as possible.

Contact us to discuss how ACE IT Solutions can customize a disaster recovery and business continuity plan that meets your specific business’ needs.

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