Many small business seeking cost savings through cloud-based email services are turning to Google’s public cloud-based email service, gmail. Gmail is inexpensive. But is it secure?

That is the question the Los Angeles Police department recently grappled with. In 2009, the LAPD signed a somewhat contentious $7.2 million contact with Google to host the organization’s email in the cloud.

The city got cold feet, however, when it came time to trusting sensitive law enforcement information to the Google cloud. Turns out gmail doesn’t meet the LAPD’s stringent security standards. The city is also required to meet state and federal security standards, including the U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy, which has been an issue from almost the start.

As your business looks to the cloud for cost savings, security needs must be addressed before the contract is signed. Business also need to keep in mind federal and state compliance regulations when looking for a cloud-based email services. Not every cloud-based email system is across-the-board complaint. Be sure that you, or your IT partner, has evaluated whether the cloud solutions’ security standards are aligned with your own.

ACE IT Solutions partners with Intermedia to provide hosted email in the cloud. Intermedia offers policy-based encryption services as well as templates for HIPPA compliance. Wipe ActiveSync and BlackBerry mobile device wipe protects sensitive date in the event of theft or loss. Only Intermedia has the ability to align your cloud environment to internal security controls when compared to Office 365 and Google Apps.

Contact ACE IT Solutions for secure hosted cloud email plans and pricing. We can help you determine which cloud-based email solution to meets your security needs and budget.

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