A recent study by Model Metric claimed that 78% of businesses surveyed plan to deploy tablets for business use by the end of 2013. The challenge for businesses is keeping mobile staff productive while away from the office  — all those iPad apps can sure be distracting. A blog post from WebWorkerDaily lists 7 tips to keep mobile iPad workers productive. The key: Take control of the iPad before it takes control of you.

  1. Control the apps
    Keep work apps and entertainment apps separate.  Virtualization can keep the distracting apps out of reach by providing access to a completely separate virtualized environment for work. Remote workers can boot-up and get secure access to work-related iPad apps and other data, removing personal apps from temptation.
  2. Use a Keyboard
    A Bluetooth keyboard makes data entry much more efficient for remote workers who do a lot of typing on the job.
  3. Get Reliable Wireless
    Mobile workers who use the iPad need a reliable data connection. Shop for a plan that meshes with type of access your mobile workers use and works everywhere your mobile workers go.
  4. Battery Backup
    A dead battery will not help increase productivity, especially if you’ve forgotten your power cord or run out of juice on an airplane — carry a backup.
  5. Find My iPad
    The free Find My iPad app from MobileMe will help recover lost iPads or remotely wipe the device to protect sensitive data. Be sure it is enabled every time the iPad leaves the building. Virtualization is another excellent way to protect sensitive work-related data, however it doesn’t track a missing iPad. Use both to insure maximum data security.
  6. Passcode Lock
    Set up the iPad to require a four-digit passcode upon waking. This is done in the settings app> General> Passcode Lock. For greater security, users can set the code to contain both numbers and letters.
  7. iPad as Communications Hub
    Transform the iPad into a communications hub by using it for voice chat and phone calls. To do this you will need a quality headset. With the addition of Cisco’s WebEx app for the iPad 2, you’ll be fully equipped for video conferencing.

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