Privacy and security regulations, such as the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) for credit card information, add complexity and costs to a business’ IT process. Businesses that do not comply with the PCI DSS mandate that businesses proactively protect customer credit card data risk facing penalties such as fines, increased transaction fees or losing the right to access a payment card network’s resources.

The goal of ACE IT Solutions’ PCI Gap Analysis is to reduce the potential costs and complexity of PCI compliance by helping our clients build relevant compliance policies and manage ongoing compliance procedures.

As part of our methodology, we perform a customized PCI gap assessment to determine our client’s current compliance level and outline the specific steps required to achieve PCI compliance.

Our Approach

  • Scoping – Our PCI specialists work with you to gain an understand of your cardholder data environment and educate you on the security requirements necessary to comply with PCI DSS.
  • Inventory – We inventory all systems in scope, including business processes, facilities, network devices and applications.
  • Evaluation of Third-party Providers – We identify all third-party payment systems where PCI DSS is applicable and research their validation status.
  • Security Control Evaluations – We evaluate all areas in scope to determine compliance status.
  • Reporting – We will provide a complete report detailing gaps in compliance and prioritize steps to remediation.

As a trusted IT partner, ACE IT Solutions helps our clients reduce compliance risk, lower vulnerability and streamline their security processes.

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