ACE IT Solutions, in partnership with Datto, delivered seamless disaster recovery in the wake of one of the most destructive natural disasters the Northeast has ever experienced.

Super Storm Sandy was a testament to ACE IT Solutions’ commitment to forming partnerships that make our clients’ businesses stronger and more resilient. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, our team worked closely with Datto to keep our clients up and running with a disaster recovery solution that worked exactly like it was supposed to. The day after the storm hit, ACE IT Solutions brought one of our hedge fund clients into Datto’s cloud so the fund was able to access their valuable data in time for the stock marketing opening on Wednesday morning. The client’s operations barely missed a beat.

In fact, the Datto/ACE IT Solutions partnership worked so well that Datto featured our success story in a case study. It it reassuring to know your partners are there for you when it really matters.

ACE IT Solutions proudly partners with Datto to offer economically-priced disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Contact us at 646-585-5575 for more details on our disaster recovery solutions that have proven results.

Check out the complete case study here: Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery Case Study

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