The pandemic forced many businesses to quickly move their applications and data assets to the cloud – Microsoft Office being one of the most popular applications to move to the cloud. This move has expanded the attack surface for organizations.

Here are some steps your businesses should take to protect your Microsoft Office 365 environment:



  1. Lock down access
    Take the time to understand who in your organization has access to sensitive data and powerful Microsoft 365 tools like eDiscovery, which are prime targets for hackers. Limit access to tools and data based on only what is required for an employee to do their job.
  2. Use Metrics
    Measure how long it takes to acknowledge a threat and how long it takes to respond to that threat. Also measure repeated incidents and reinfection rates. This data will help you understand how efficient your staff is at identifying and mitigating threats. Once you identify your weak spots, you can look for ways to respond faster.
  3. MFA
    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an essential tool for helping thwart hackers. Read more about MFA here.
  4. Keep it simple
    Lengthy transitions to the cloud or an overly complex environment can strain your IT and security resources and increase risk. Simplifying and streamlining your environment will make it easier to protect.
  5. Test regularly
    Conduct regular penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your cybersecurity program. Repeat the test regularly to make sure any steps you have taken to remediate weak spots are effective.
  6. Train your Staff
    Educate employees about proper cybersecurity hygiene. Make sure they understand the types of threats they face, including phishing attacks. Conduct regular phishing tests to gauge the effectiveness of your cybersecurity awareness training.
  7. Understand how tools are being used
    Microsoft Office 365 tools like eDiscovery can create big problems if it falls into the wrong hands. Learn how to spot malicious or suspicious activity so you can stop it before damage can be done.
  8. Get a Big Picture View
    You need to scan for threats across your entire environment, including the cloud, SaaS, internal IT network, data center, and any other locations that could be exploited.
  9. Use AI to Speed Response
    Enhanced analytics derived from artificial intelligence and machine learning can help quickly identify attacks and automate responses.
  10. Cut through the noise
    You need a way to cut through all the noise so you know which attacks pose a real threat that needs to be addressed. An AI-powered detection and response tool provides a reliable way to weed out false positives.

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