“We expect firms with public cloud exposure will emerge stronger from the crisis.” – Market Watch

Azure Cloud

According to Market Watch, a mid-March survey of CIOs shows that firms are upping their cloud spending and reducing their on-prem spending. “COVID-19 is already beginning to weigh on corporate IT security budgets, but as millions work from home, one survey is finding a spending shift to cloud providers and security and away from PCs and servers,” according to the survey.


Survey highlights:

  • 86% of CIOs said that security was now a higher budget priority
  • 68% of CIOs said cloud services would become more of a priority
  • CIOs expect to reduce their mix of on-prem workloads from 59% in 2019 to 35% in 2021
  • Companies that are more exposed to private cloud and on-premise spending are more likely to lag
  • Microsoft Azure remains a preferred cloud provider

ACE IT Solutions keeps its clients productive on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. By leveraging the benefits of the Azure Cloud, small and mid-size businesses are able to do more with less and get built-in disaster recovery and anytime, anywhere access to data — crucial during these times.

ACE IT Solutions works closely with our clients to create a customized Azure cloud infrastructure that meets their needs and budgets. Contact ACE IT Solutions at 646-558-5575 to learn more about migrating to the Azure Cloud.

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