Is Your Company GDPR Compliant?

GDPR is the largest personal data protection law ever to be written. Going into effect across the European Union in 2018, the GDPR has changed the face of privacy law with wide-sweeping implications for businesses all over the globe.

Use our simple test to determine if your business needs to consider GDPR compliance regulations.

GDPR Quick Self-Assessment

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a wide-sweeping data protection reform passed in the European Union that came into effect in May of 2018. This privacy law has the interests of the general public at heart by enforcing companies to be clear about what data they store about people and how they intend to use that data. There are also provisions that demand companies allow customers to opt-out of data collection policies.

How Do I Know if My Business is Governed by GDPR?

You can be subject to GDPR even if your company does not reside within a member state of the European Union. The simple assessment above will help you identify if your business is subject to GDPR regulation.

What Does GDPR Mean For My Company?

GDPR is all about clear communication. You may conduct business online as you always have done, but you must clearly communicate to people what information your company collects and how you intend to use it. GDPR also adopts an "opt-in" strategy for communication methods (such as email newsletters) by requiring that visitors explicitly opt-in to communication methods instead of being auto-subscribed.

ACE IT Solutions works with a firm dedicated to helping companies comply with GDPR regulations. The process is simple and for the most part it is a painless one. The GDPR ensures safety to your customers and once you are compliant it is easy to stay that way.

Give the self-assessment a try and see if you need to dig deeper into GDPR.