Having failover and redundancy systems in place help keep your business running smoothly in the case of an interruption to your servers, internet, or communications lines.  If, for some reason, one of your systems fail, you need a redundant system in place so your business can continue to function. Failover provides the capability of switching over to a redundant backup server, internet, or communications system. When your primary system fails, failover automatically makes use of those redundant systems so your business can continue to operate with little disruption to your business’ productivity.


We will work with you to develop a failover strategy and implement redundant systems customized specifically for your business.  In the event that there is an interruption to your critical systems, your business can continue to function as normal. 


There are several ways that redundancy can be achieved. ACE IT Solutions has the knowledge of and experience to help determine which solution is best for your business and to put that system into place. 


Contact ACE IT Services for details and customized solutions.

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