Can You Really Protect Yourself from a Cyber Attack?

Cyber risk is often hard for organizations to explain and quantify. Most people want to know if they have a problem with their cybersecurity but aren’t sure how to check. In this webinar “Cyber Risk in the COVID Era,” we will speak to the new, immediate risks organizations are facing due to the spike in work from home users and offer ways to mitigate them.

The webinar will feature CEO and Founder of SKOUT Cybersecurity, Aidan Kehoe. Aidan has an extensive background in risk management and cybersecurity. He is passionate about communicating cyber risk and helping companies get protected. Joining Aidan is SKOUT Senior Cybersecurity Analyst Brendan DuRoss. Brendan works on the front lines of the cyber war with companies every day. He leads a team of analysts that detect and respond to cyber threats every day. With the collective knowledge, our speakers will communicate what risks are out there in the new cyber landscape, what happens during an attack, and how companies can get themselves protected.

Questions that will be answered in this webinar:

  • What does the cyber landscape really look like?
  • What are the five practical things that I need to do to protect myself?
  • What risk is different with work from home?
  • What are the most common attacks?
  • How are small businesses a target?
  • What do you do if you have a cyber problem?

Who Should Attend This Webinar:

  • SMB and Mid-Market Business Owners and Executives who want to know their cyber risk
  • SLED Leaders evaluating ways to protect their organization/institution
  • IT Workers responsible for protecting their organization
  • Professionals responsible to communicating cyber risk and strategy to their board
  • Professionals interested in learning more about cybersecurity
  • Professionals evaluating cybersecurity and IT partners

Featured Speakers

Aidan Kehoe Founder and CEO, SKOUT Cybersecurity

Aidan Kehoe is Founder, CEO and Board Member of SKOUT CYBERSECURITY. He has been actively involved in all aspects of the firm’s development. Prior to SKOUT, Aidan founded a number of other enterprises, including the risk management company Oxford Global (Acquired by Willis Towers Watson, NASDAQ:WLTW) in 2013. Mr. Kehoe is the Chairman of the US Leaders Council of Cordaid and currently serves on the board of Autism Speaks.

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