Disaster Recovery planning is a complex process that require serious thought and expert guidance to ensure success. Disaster recovery plans are similar to insurance — hopefully you will never need it, but if you do, you want to be sure everything is covered. Pay close attention to these essential tips when developing a DR plan for your business.

Back up your data
Whether you use tape, cloud backup or some other method, just be sure to back up your data. Having a backup is essential to the disaster recovery process. If you don’t have a backup, you have nothing to recover. Consult with your IT partner for guidance on the most effective method for your budget and business.

Set up an effective data archiving system
Data archiving can reduce the workload on your data protection service and make it more efficient, by purging the 30% or more of your data that is duplicate data, spam or just plain junk.

Employ virtualization
Virtualization consolidates the data protection functions that help deliver defense in depth and enables data protection servers to be selectively applied to the  workload based on different requirements and makes the process more secure and efficient.

Test your plan
Be sure that you have everything you need to recover from a backup. The time to find out you don’t have access to all your data is not while you are trying to recover from a disaster. This also gives your DR team members an opportunity to rehearse their roles.

Be proactive
Maintain specific logs detailing the root causes for downtime incidents so your team can  mitigate problems and improve uptime. Also, stay on top of new business initiatives and new technology rollouts to that these changes don’t complicate your established DR plan. Plans should be retested and updated after all significant technology or infrastructure changes.

ACE IT Solutions offers disaster recovery planning and testing services. Our proven best-practice approach lowers program costs and speeds recovery time in the event of a disaster. Drawing on our expertise and technical knowledge, we will design and implement a plan customized for your business to ensure you have the tools in place to respond to a disaster with as little disruption as possible. Contact us at (646)558-5575.

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