So many large businesses have been hacked over the last few years that we have become used to these kinds of incidents and the initial outrage. Then time passes, the shock wears off, businesses neglect to properly secure their ransomware protectioninfrastructures and data, and another big breach happens that exposes millions of customers’ personal data.

The latest Equifax breach is especially damaging because the company handled the sensitive personal information of millions of people. Though the exact details of how the hack happened are not yet clear; based on information released it appears that Equifax let the criminals walk right in though the front door. Equifax didn’t seem to care enough to properly protect their information and clients and investors are right to be outraged. Equifax is going to be sued by millions.

If clients trust your business with their personal data, it is your business’ responsibility to properly secure that data. If your business is hacked, you are sending a message to your customers, “We don’t care enough to protect your personal data.” Such a breach of trust will not be tolerated by your clients and/or investors.

Do not wait until a breach happens to lock down your infrastructure using proper security controls. ACE IT Solutions and our cybersecurity business partners are experts at assessing and managing risk. Through services customized to meet your organization’s needs, we can help identify areas of potential risk, and then design a complete security solution that balances security priorities with regulatory compliance and the amount of acceptable risk your organization can assume. Contact us for a consultation.

We also offer these complimentary resources to help businesses understand the cybersecurity landscape and the available solutions.

Cybersecurity Risk Management Playbook

Cybersecurity Playbook

Guide to Endpoint and Mobile Security

Business Guide to Ransomware

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