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Let us help you determine how your business can benefit from these revolutionary technologies.  ACE IT Solutions has the technical expertise to evaluate your business’ needs and seamlessly integrate these technologies into your network.


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Server Virtualization

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Leveraging server and storage virtualization together makes it possible for businesses to get the most value from their IT assets. Virtualization allows businesses to handle more workloads with fewer servers and administrators, and requires less energy to operate without sacrificing performance or service. Businesses have reported substantial cost savings due to the consolidation, greater utilization, and increased management efficiency associated with virtualization.


Virtualization can be implemented by businesses of all sizes to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their IT operations.

Benefits of Virtualization

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  1. Lower overall costs, including reduced administration, hardware, maintenance, and upkeep costs
  2. Enhanced business continuity
  3. Minimized exposure to server failures
  4. Allows your network to be easily scaled to grow with your business
  5. High availability and more rapid disaster recovery through the acceleration and automation of disaster recovery testing and execution processes
  6. Reduced power consumption makes virtualization a green technology
  7. Network and storage resource requirements can be easily reconfigured
  8. More efficient utilization of data center space
  9. Streamlined desktop management and security
  10. Greater application compatibility throughout a networks desktop environment
  11. Accelerated introduction of new or updated applications, while minimizing risk of system downtime


ACE IT Solutions will evaluate your network infrastructure and determine how your business can benefit from virtualization. Contact us for more information.

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