cybersecurity awareness training phishing trainingIt’s impossible to defend against every cyber threat out there, but what is possible is setting up the best defense mechanisms you can to decrease your chances of getting breached. Cybersecurity experts agree that setting up a bunch of hardware with blinking lights and sirens is not enough to protect your business from cyber criminals. For maximum protection businesses need to take a proactive approach to security. This means educating the humans.

Employees are proving to be one of the most vulnerable links in the information security chain — it is typically a human error, not a technological one, which allows cyber threats to come to fruition. By educating your employees on security best practices and current human vulnerabilities, you can greatly reduce the risk of being hacked.

Steps you can take to create a more “security aware culture

  • Understand what attack vectors are being used in attempts to breach your network or steal information
  • Recognize what employee behaviors may be putting your organization at risk
  • Develop a strategy to better inform your users of these threats
  • Conduct regular phishing testing to assess how well your training is working and target employees who may need more security awareness education

The combination of strong security policies combined with cyber security awareness training is an approach that embraces the human factor as an asset instead of a detriment. This approach, compared to the alternatives that focus solely on software and hardware, modifies behavior and builds a security aware culture and stronger security defenses.

ACE IT Solutions partners with the most reputable cybersecurity vendors to deliver cost-effective cybersecurity solutions that meet your business’ specific needs and budget. Contact us at 646.558.6358 to schedule a cybersecurity assessment. We can help identify vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of breaches that will damage your bottom line and your reputation.



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