Dynamic web acceleration is a service that enables businesses to quickly and reliably deliver applications and dynamic content from a centralized infrastructure to users around the globe.

Standard Internet protocols were not designed to support the delivery of applications and dynamic content that many business rely on today. As network distances increase between the user and the application, response time slows, making applications unusable. For this reason, website users suffer through periods of poor application performance or sluggish display of web content, resulting in declines in productivity, consumer dissatisfaction, and decreased revenues. In fact, a 2009 study by Forrester Research determined that a majority of ecommerce sites must load a page in less than two seconds in order to keep customers happy and appear professional.

With dynamic web acceleration, businesses are able to deliver a high‐quality experience to a user-base that is increasingly dispersed around the world; this includes mobile workers and customers who demand reliably-fast access.

A dynamic web acceleration solution can help businesses deliver extremely fast response times and increased application availability by increasing the TCP throughput and maintaining a pool of open connections. Dynamic web acceleration does not work by enabling the server to process information faster; instead, it speeds up and optimizes the way the server interacts with the network.

Companies that want to lower operating costs by consolidating data centers while still ensuring the successful delivery and performance of their online applications can benefit greatly from dynamic web acceleration. So can businesses that offer dynamic, web‐based applications as part of the brand experience.

From a cost perspective, dynamic web acceleration solutions represent a small fraction of the costs a business would incur building out its own high‐performance network to provide a rich, compelling end‐user experience. Without dynamic web acceleration, companies try to address latency issues by replicating data centers closer to users around the globe, which increases cost, complexity, and the risk of inconsistent data.

Dynamic Web Acceleration solution promises to address latency and internet speed issues, helping businesses increase the speed and performance of web‐based applications by as much as ten times, leading to increased productivity, lower operating costs, and a much better user experience.

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