ransomware protectionSocial networking and online profiles are the treasure trove of information gathering for attackers. Hackers are experts at using your social media profiles to connect the pieces of information they have gathered from these sources to conduct an effective phishing attack.

As part of your firms’ cybersecurity strategy, all employees, including the C-suite, need to practice proper cybersecurity hygiene. Cyber hygiene should start with the basic actions that are most likely to promote good health. As much as executives would like to make cyber security hygiene an IT problem, the IT department alone can’t mitigate social engineering attacks. It’s a responsibility shared by everyone, from the C-suite to the interns and all staff members in between.

Following these basics to help prevent hackers from breaching your systems:


  • Post on social media about work or vacations
  • Ignore cybersecurity security policies
  • Spend money on the wrong security tools
  • Use public Wi-Fi, including public Wi-Fi at airports, hotels, cafes, etc.
  • Exempt the C-level from security awareness training and exercises such as Phishing Tests


  • Confirm senders before clicking on links in emails or downloading attachments
  • Make sure everyone in the organization is included in phishing testing
  • Develop strong cybersecurity policies and make sure everyone follows them
  • Use strong password and encrypt everything
  • Use tools to monitor insider threats
  • Invest in the proper cybersecurity tools and people with the expertise to manage them
  • Talk with employees about what to post and not post in social media
  • Use your cell phone hot spot or VPN for internet access when traveling

ACE IT Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of customizable cybersecurity services to meet your organization’s specific risk profile and compliance needs.

We continually invest in evolving our information protection program, developing our people, processes, technology and systems to create best-in-class risk management services. Protecting your information requires a strong defense on all fronts: from setting a dynamic cybersecurity strategy to developing and implementing comprehensive controls and information security services.

Our cybersecurity program is designed to ensure the security, integrity, and uninterrupted delivery of information so that we can support our clients’ growth objectives. Contact us for a cybersecurity assessment. We can review your systems to identify security gaps that hackers can use to breach your networks and access your valuable data or shut down your systems altogether.

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