Servers aren’t just for big businesses. If you are a small to medium-sized business with more than one computer, then it is time to consider investing in a server. A server is an integral component to keeping your data secure and organized — a server streamlines business communication and productivity.

Servers can be affordable, user-friendly, and allow SMBs to reap productivity benefits without investing in a robust IT network. A server is an all-in-one solution for email, Internet connectivity, internal Web sites, remote access, mobile device support, file and printer sharing, backup and restore, and more.

Critical server functions:

  • Security features provide controls that protect your data from internal and external security threats
  • A server provides shared access to files and easier collaboration between employees
  • Storing files on a server, instead of on individual computers, allows your machines, and your business, to run faster
  • Servers can be configured to back up your data automatically, protecting your business from harmful data loss

Here are a few signs that it is time to invest in a server:

  1. You have more than two computers in your business
  2. You have employees that travel, or work from home, and need the ability to connect to the office anytime, from anywhere
  3. You have problems managing data, locating documents, and need better file organization
  4. Your current PCs are overworked and slow
  5. You want better data protection

Need more reasons?

10 Signs that Your Business Needs a Server & Server Benefits
Here are 10 important points to consider, including the ways your business can benefit from implementing a server. Download the article

If you don’t have a server, contact ACE IT Solutions today at 646-571-3957. We can perform a technology audit to guide you into the type of server you need, configure your network and review your entire technology needs. We will also help you create a technology plan for what are the best solutions for your business.

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