A disaster recovery and business continuity plan protects your business’ investment in technology infrastructure and your ability to conduct business regardless of external events. Unfortunately, too many businesses wait until after disaster has struck — then they are left scrambling to pick up the pieces in an effort to maintain some type of business continuity. This is a costly and inefficent way to do business.

Start your disaster recovery planning now to ensure business continuity. Here are some points to consider during the early discovery stages of the DR/BC planning process:

  1. Get management and other company stakeholders on board to obtain funding for developing a DR/BC plan.
  2. Gain a complete understanding of your organization by researching the business, interview stakeholders and review any relevant documentation, meet with essential department leaders to identify important issues that should be addressed and discuss what worked or has not worked with the company’s previous DR/BC plans
  3. Learn about previous disasters the company has faced and how they responded so you can improve the process
  4. Review all DR/BC plans developed in the past and look for ways you can improve on the plan
  5. Use a RFP/RFQ to reach out to technology vendors who can help with BC/DC planning
  6. Identify and prioritize all financial, HR and technical issues that need to be addressed
  7. Develop a spreadsheet to summarize findings
  8. Meet with management to discuss steps for a new DR/BC plan that aligns with management’s business objectives

This is only one step in the process of developing a successful DR/BC plan. Once you have the discovery framework in place, it is time to flush out the details.

ACE IT Solutions offers disaster recovery planning and testing services. Our proven best-practice approach lowers program costs and speeds recovery time in the event of a disaster. Drawing on our expertise and technical knowledge, we will design and implement a plan customized for your business to ensure you have the tools in place to respond to a disaster with as little disruption as possible. Contact us at (646)558-5575.

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