The storm that ravaged the East Coast last week left hundreds of thousands of businesses without electricity and power companies warned it could take several days to restore electricity completely in some areas. On top of power outages, some areas dealt with storm-related flooding and tree-damaged buildings.

It should not take a disaster to compel your business to evaluate its business continuity and disaster response strategy. Preparing in advance for a power outage or a greater disaster is the most important best practice you can follow to keep your business up and running after the storm.

Disaster recovery plans are integral to a businesses’ continuity, productivity and profitability. An effective approach to disaster recovery helps minimize the uncertainty of disruptions to your business by creating and testing a fail-proof plan. Businesses that cannot afford down time must have a tested disaster recovery plan in place. For businesses in the financial industry, such as hedge funds, a disaster recovery and business continuity plan is essential.

Our best-practices approach to disaster recovery and business continuity planning focuses on critical operations and processes that must be available if a business disruption occurs. Drawing on our expertise and technical knowledge, we will work with you to assess your current business continuity and disaster recovery plan. We will determine your business’ risk tolerance, identify vulnerabilities, provide solid recommendations for securing your data, and document and put into place a plan that allows your business to respond to disruptions.

We also offer the following downloadable resources to help businesses understand the basics of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning:

ACE IT Solutions can ensure that your system is prepared for any type of disruption, whether it comes in the form of a power outage, natural disaster, flood, fire, security breach, or software virus. Contact us to discuss how ACE IT Solutions can customize a disaster recovery and business continuity plan that meets your specific business’ needs.

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