Winter is on its way and so are the power outages that can have a negative effect on a small business’ ability to continue business as usual. Have you considerd what you would do if you had no access to your email, phones and data? What if a huge storm prohibited you or your employees from reaching the office? How would this kind of downtime effect your business?

Bad weather doesn’t have to spell total disaster for your company, business who are using cloud services often have build in disaster protection in the form of hosted email, off-site data backup and virtualization.

Virtualized desktops – The weather can’t stop you from accessing your desktop because virtualization provides secure and reliable access from anywhere on any device. Can’t reach the office, no problem. Boot up your virtual desktop and you are good to go.

Hosted exchange – With hosted exchange, the features and functionality of Microsoft Exchange are always at your fingertips. When exchange is hosted offsite with a reputable vendor, your valuable communications tools will always be accessible, even if your physical office is not.

Off-site backup – If your on-site server goes down, you will have no way to access your valuable data. Without that data, it is very difficult for most businesses to continue business as usual. Off-site backup ensures that your data is always secure, accessible and easily recoverable in the event of a data loss.

If you haven’t implemented any of these cloud solutions yet, and you are concerned about business continuity after a disaster or power outage, contact ACE IT Solutions, we will assess your current technology infrastructure and help you determine which cloud services best meet your needs and budget.

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