We typically recommend businesses refresh their servers every four years. That timeframe allows SMBs to get the most out of their server investment before moving on to improved technologies that accommodate expansions in both data and staff. During this tight economy, businesses may be tempted to delay server refresh from every four years to every six years to save money. However, delaying refreshes has associated costs above and beyond hardware, including out of warranty fixes, slow response time, downtime and unanticipated maintenance costs.

One of the biggest downsides of older servers is that they present many points of failure. Servers that age out of their warranty simply cost more. Instead of certain components or service engagements being free, they generate an unanticipated costs.

Additionally, processing and retrieving larger and larger amounts of data being generated and taking advantage of today’s mobile computing technology requires greater processing power. With access to video, VoIP, great desktop publishing functionality, website design, and spreadsheet and modeling capabilities, end-users are requiring more and more processing power. When data isn’t delivered quickly and when application time is slow, end-users can’t make use of the applications they rely on to accomplish work.

Any amount of time that comes between employees and the data and applications they need to get their work done diminishes productivity and costs money. In order to keep the level of employee productivity high and provide 24×7 uptime, server response time has to be fast and highly reliable.

New servers that support virtualization and consolidation save real dollars while offering the increase in capacity and productivity that SMBs require. Today’s server technology is optimized for virtualization. Virtual servers run multiple operating systems and applications. Some companies reach consolidation rates of 10:1 through virtualization – one virtual server replaces ten dedicated servers. Gartner estimates that 60 to 80% of SMBs around the world are moving to virtualization largely to save money. Also, with fewer servers to manage, IT overhead costs are reduced.

The bottom line is that servers over four years old add to budgets. Regular server refresh remains an important IT tactic for companies that want to be efficient and competitive.

ACE IT Solutions can leverage their partner relationships to procure the server that best meets your needs and budget. We can also help you determine if it is cost-effective to refresh your server. Contact us at 908-704-0400 or email info@aceits.net.

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