As organizations face tighter requirements around privacy and compliance, they also face a mounting challenge in countering advanced security threats. The accuracy of identifying threats becomes essential as security teams migrate from legacy approaches to a security intelligence model. To address these cyber security challenges, businesses must fundamentally change how they think about security.

Updating technology and following best practices are not enough to ensure a secure technology infrastructure; combating attacks requires a more pragmatic approach that informs every decision and procedure. Continuous management of an organization’s IT assets, including web applications and databases, is essential to effectively securing your infrastructure and avoiding policy violations. By addressing these preventable factors and educating end users, organizations may be able to significantly reduce the number of attacks.

Unless security technologies are consumed as a suite or portfolio of complementary and interconnected products, companies are left with best of breed technologies that are not designed to work in unison—they cannot share valuable information or coordinate actions across vendor platforms.

Security technologies and services such as penetration testing, firewall, intrusion detection and vulnerability scanners are all proficient at solving specific security problems; however, they are often standalone and are not designed to work together. As a result, perpetrators of advanced threats have become adept at learning the idiosyncrasies in and around security technologies, capitalizing on the gaps between technologies or their intrinsic weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

IBM defense in depth

Robust, cloud-based, fully managed security solutions can help hedge funds address data security issues, reduce capital and operational costs, better manage regulatory compliance and improve employee productivity. Managed security services deliver a simple, cost-effective way to limit potential threats, improve a hedge fund’s security posture and help reduce the cost and complexity of regulatory compliance efforts by leveraging industry-leading tools, technology and expertise to secure information assets 24×7.

ACE IT Solutions’ Managed Security Services, offered in partnership with IBM, provide a simple and cost-effective way to limit potential threats. Through our partnership with IBM, ACE IT Solutions leverages one of the world’s largest collections of security information to combine advanced analytic capabilities into cloud-based security services that can be mixed and matched according to specific needs.

Services include penetration testing, managed security and event management, firewall management, intrusion detection and prevention system management, managed protection services, unified threat management, hosted security event and log management, and hosted vulnerability management.

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