A startling new threat is hiding behind distributed denial-of-service DDoS attacks — DDoS smokescreening. In a DDoS smokescreening attack, attackers use DDoS as a distraction while they insert malware or viruses to steal financial information, intellectual property and customer data.

A study by Neustar found that 47 percent of companies who experienced a DDoS attack and data breach simultaneously reported the installation of a virus or malware. They also report some type of theft. Some financial institutions have been targeted by DDoS attacks immediately following a wire transfer, according to security firms familiar with the cases.

Don’t get caught in the chaos

DDoS attacks can be very chaotic and distracting. Companies that fall victim to a DDoS attack must not only be concerned with spotting a mitigating this type of attack, they must also ask: Is this just a DDoS attack, or is it being used to hide more subtle infiltrations of the network?

Cyber criminals are only getting more creative in their attacks. The best protection against a DDoS attack is to keep a close eye on network traffic. Managed DDoS Mitigation Services provide a sound network protection strategy that can handle both stealth and large scale DDoS attacks. ACE IT Solutions managed web defense service, powered by the security experts at IBM, helps businesses prevent DDoS attacks by routing traffic away from your infrastructure during an attack, therefore maintaining the availability and performance of your web properties and help protect against smokescreening.

Managed web defense service is part of ACE IT Solutions and IBM’s managed security services suite that enable end-to-end security monitoring and management, better visibility, and increased efficiency while supporting multiple technologies, vendors, and devices. Our competitive pricing and delivery model are standardized across core services, offering increased flexibility based on service-level agreements to help you gain significant cost savings and facilitating a cumulative improvement in your security posture. We can help optimize your return on investment and offer highly customized services that are tailored to the needs of your enterprise.

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