The high volume, frequency and intensity of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks continue to grow at an alarming rate. DDoS attacks can shut down servers, disrupt operations, render websites useless, and lead to unauthorized access and even data theft. Since traditional defenses such as firewalls and intrusion-prevention systems are no longer enough, businesses need to need a more complex strategy for blocking attacks and keeping their web sites running without disrupting operations. graphic attacks

DDoS attacks are a real threat and can cause considerable damage to unprepared network infrastructures by:

  • Slowing down and blocking legitimate business flows
  • Downing and crashing servers
  • Causing data loss
  • Allowing Intellectual Property theft through combined DDoS/malware attacks
  • Infecting the users’ computers and making them part of their botnets — networks of compromised computers used to launch attacks.

Many businesses today are unknowingly at risk for major DDoS attacks because they lack the in-house DDoS expertise and hardware to identify and handle attacks.

Businesses and organizations that rely on Internet connectivity for business continuity require Managed DDoS Mitigation Services as a sound network protection strategy that can handle both stealth and large scale DDoS attacks that can exceed 100+ gb per second. ACE IT Solutions managed web defense service, powered by the security experts at IBM, helps businesses prevent DDoS attacks by routing traffic away from your infrastructure during an attack, therefore maintaining the availability and performance of your web properties.

With our managed web defense service you get:

  • ‘Always on’ DDoS protection
    Absorbs and deflects DDoS attacks before they can affect your critical web properties
  • Around-the-clock monitoring
    Detects anomalies in network traffic that could be signs of an attack before they ever affect your critical web properties
  • Preparation and response consulting
    Provide deep expertise with readiness and incident-response plans
  • Cloud-based application firewall
    Blocks web attacks including SQL injections and cross-site scripting
  • Attack mitigation
    Expert security intelligence helps you proactively protect against threats
  • Improved availability
    Cloud-based services delivered by our dedicated team keep your business running through an attack

Managed web defense service is part of ACE IT Solutions and BM’s managed security services suite that enable end-to-end security monitoring and management, better visibility, and increased efficiency while supporting multiple technologies, vendors, and devices. Our competitive pricing and delivery model are standardized across core services, offering increased flexibility based on service-level agreements to help you gain significant cost savings and facilitating a cumulative improvement in your security posture. We can help optimize your return on investment and offer highly customized services that are tailored to the needs of your enterprise.

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