cloud securityBusiness leaders have much to learn from the recent cyber attack against Sony. One of the most important lessons: Have a plan for dealing with cyber attacks.

The much publicized hack led Sony to shut down all computer systems, including those in overseas offices, leaving the company with no voice mail, no corporate email, no production systems and no plan for dealing with the fallout from the hack. “Five weeks into the episode, Sony’s internal technology is still impaired. Executives estimate that a return to normal is at least five to seven weeks away,” According to this story in the New York Times.

Sony’s CEO is facing widespread scrutiny about his judgment in the wake of the cyber attack that has paralyzed the entertainment company and exposed it to embarrassment and untold millions in damage. Much of the criticism focuses on the CEO not taking steps to properly secure the company’s computer network.

Sony’s size and product diversity will save the company, but such an incident would mean “the end” to a smaller organization. Businesses must have cyber security protection in place and a plan for dealing with breaches when they happen. For a CEO to be caught off guard after all these recent high-profile attacks would be negligent. Clients and stockholders will have very little tolerance for a security breach in the organizations they do business with.

What is your business’ strategy to protect your data, your clients’ personal information and your company’s reputation? Waiting for your businesses to be hacked is not a plan.

ACE IT Solutions offers a full menu of cyber security solutions to meet any business’ security needs and budget requirement, including emergency response services.

The best plan of attack is to not get hacked in the first place. Contact ACE IT Solutions at 646.558.5575 for a free security health and vulnerability scan. We can help you understand your current security posture and what steps you can take to protect your IT systems, your valuable data, your clients’ personal information and your reputation.

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