Group of Corporate People Discussing About Global CommunicationCybersecurity has been described as everything from a top-down corporate mission to a shopping list for software packages that monitor networks and systems for suspicious activity. Given the breadth and complexity of even identifying the risks, it’s no wonder that all sorts of management are discovering they’re now riding the cybersecurity bus.

Nowhere is this accumulation of corporate talent more apparent than in the C-suite, where according to industry experts, everyone is eventually involved. That means the chief executive officer, chief information officer, chief operations officer, chief technology officer, chief risk officer, chief compliance officer and let’s not forget the chief information security officer.

With regulators such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority breathing down their necks, fund management shops, broker-dealers and banks need to figure out what to do, who’s in charge, and how much information to share.

To found out how ACE IT Solutions chief officer, Warren Finkel advises C-suite executives about cyber security initiatives. Read more in FinOps . . .

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