cloud securityWe have become used to being connected all the time, but these connections don’t come without risk.

An influx of new devices with computing and networking capabilities built in is adding complexity when it comes to the routine security tasks that keep business secured — this includes patch management, system and activity monitoring, remaining vigilant about new vulnerabilities and malware, user access, etc. — tasks that are key for maintaining proper cybersecurity in your organization.

As more and more devices become internet connected, managing the Internet of Things (IoT), becomes a task that requires more than a little vigilance. Researchers are already discovering security issues in a range of devices not normally covered by traditional IT departments, including: keyless entry mechanisms, automobiles, TVs, thermostats, appliances and any number of cloud-connected devices.

The processes that protect traditional IT assets, computers, servers, etc., stay protected don’t always follow through to new devices. What can a business do to ensure that all internet connected devices are secured?

  1. Assign someone to maintain the devices — Put someone in charge of monitoring for potential security weaknesses and making sure the weaknesses get addressed. Having a specific, assigned individual or group establishes accountability and ensures that everyone is clear about whose role it is to perform these tasks.
  2. Manage the devices — This includes maintaining an inventory of devices and device users, deploying security patches, application management, monitoring usage and keeping track of potential vulnerabilities associated with the cloud-connected devices.
  3. Remain vigilant — Keeping abreast of vulnerabilities in and updates for smart devices is vital. This mean more than just making sure the patch is installed, you must be sure of the integrity of the updates. Is everything working properly after the update is installed? Are customer raising potential issues with the manufacturer?

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